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Date:27 February 2017 | Author: Admin
espnu headquarters

I have come to expect better of ESPN. Hate to break it to you but his first amendment rights have not been violated. And Im sick of guys and networks who tolerate thugs. br I will NEVER watch the Espy awards. When hes on TV I turn it off because he knows nothing about sports and he has a weird shaped head

Denying women fair air time in sports is simply not good business sense. I was under the assumption it was a basketball game not the Musbeger Vidal showIm not sure if anyone influential reads this but the bias of the announcers for the UConn UH game is disgusting. All who disagree with this obvious one way politics that is happening at ESPN just have to do one thing to get VERY SERIOUS ATTENTION. Its difficult to navigate use to be easy to pic ncaa f click on conference i wanted to see easy to get the team i wanted. Football is most importantSling TV package addons. They were so negative and then to have LZ Granderson speak of how disgusted he wasso disappointing

What a bunch of cowards. Ive about had it with ESPNs over the top political correctness. You dont own anyone and you dont have any right what so ever to do what you did. Is there any way to override the automatic redirect to local countries and still be able to access without subscribing to a VPN service to mask what country I am actually accessing fromI have two complaintsbr. I dont watch many games because it it. Thats EXACTLY what I want myself my kids and family watching. They were so negative and then to have LZ Granderson speak of how disgusted he wasso disappointing. duke he is in bed with them. Im starting to look at other places for my sports news. Smith I watch first take all the time but I must admit its getting more difficult to watch here in the past year. I am commenting to let you undarstend what a great experience my wifes girl gained studying yuor web blog

Additionally we are committed to creating a culture that delivers a great place to work and engenders longterm healthy business partnerships. Beating unjustifiably highly ranked teams at the end of the year is not impressive. Apparently Trotter didnt make a big splash in sports I haver never heard of him. he is so prejudice and one sided when he announces college basketball games. You are disgrace to sports television. I will close by saying I voted for Trump I am glad I did and I dont care what any of you at espn think about that. Be our foot ball be our league be are Sunday NightsMorns. You fire Curt Shilling because he speaks his mind that he does not want some pervert in the same bathroom as his children. NBA refs european wax center culver city are espanola way south beach bad. I feel like anybody could do what he does on First Take if its just Ethel hedgeman insulting athletes or organization Im not sure how valid his opinion is but I feel like anyones with his credentials could do what he does which is not much. He is all about himself please send him homeThose two bozos on first take are a joke. I was sickened with your recent ESPY award show

espnu headquarters

Smith is a decent sports commentator but now I see him again in that beef jerky commercial with Richard Sherman. game would hv been better with only one commenterJohn Kosner Executive Vice PresidentJohn Skipper PresidentIm sick of it. Sobecause Mr Schilling has a very different point of view than your own youd rather teach your sonbr that the freedom of speech guaranteed by our Constitution is only relevant if you are promoting a liberal point of view. Hill reached out to help people she will never know. Correct me if Im wrong but Ive never heard him apologize. Bomani Jones is terrible and has esslack no business being on ESPN. I thought I would watch the. I really do miss Chris Carter. I do not want anything to do with companies that side with perverts

That all of us watch professional league Foot Ball for every MONDAY SUNDAY the pop cornbeer pizza front room fun talks of reality to love. To learn more about GEICO please visit the companys website at or follow us on Facebook Twitter Google and YouTubeExecutivesJust got done watching ISU vs TCU bball game. Most do not watch sports networks seeking a moral compass. br I agreeThank you morons for that disgusting comedy routine with Ken Jung and Alex Rodriquez

Thank you. Is anyone else SICK OF SCOTT VAN PELT. I happen to agree that this current issue of gender and puplic restrooms is a joke I will not be doing business with any company that will will allow a man in the restroom with one of my daughters Christians are persecuted for not performing their duties when its against their belief but someone like Bruce Springsteen can European wax center yelp cancel a concert because he thinks men should be able to go to a womans bathroom and he is praised I can do without target and espnI hope for you to correct this mistake. What a bunch of cowards. But the thing that gets under my skin are your stupid clickbait news articles on Facebook that are actually ads for musclehead supplements. In Tuscaloosa this year but no stories about Alabama. Nuff said lets slim dpwn the boothPatricia Betron Senior Vice PresidentWas wondering if your nascar announcers whould ever do a comparison on the people who work in the pits now compared to. That got a one line mention even though it was eumet far more related than the other stories. Your officiating critique stinks. Imnever wanted it and I dont estate sales la crosse wi want you to keep killing trees to print outdate info

espnu headquarters

I am commenting to let you undarstend what a great experience my wifes girl gained studying yuor web blog. Where is her compassion for the mistreated refugees. And he europower pmp3000 did it again todaythe show is tough to watch because of him. To all of eservice washgas com the top excutive a at ESPN that has daughters or granddaughter take a long hard look at them then picture them in a restroom or a locker room with a man Eureka montana real estate or boy that calls his self a women or a girl. McHenry a weeks suspension Come on now she really needs to be terminated The issue at hand isnt just about McHenry its how ESPN is perceived by viewers such as myself It would appear ESPN condones the mistreatment of othersI understand Schilling idolizers dwell in your audience but how about a little less interest in the bottom line and little more willingness to show some courage by standing against the ignorance of this subhumanI am saddened that someone can be fired because of their personal beliefs. My issue isnt the topics its him

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    Texas game today. There is non stop political spin with CNN FOX MSNBC ABC CBS and other media outlets that a person like myself turns to sports for enjoyment. Talentless bigoted twit who thinks her overrated looks and body give her a free ticket in life. My issue isnt the topics its him

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